January 27, 2012


I've known Mille for ages, since we worked together years ago - and she's like a little sister to me. After having spent quite a while working in fashion she now studies Social Science at RUC, works the bar at The Log Lady, and is the best vintage dresser i know - "Like a Virgin" era Madonna would be jealous. And she always surprises me with her brilliant mix of old and new music. This is her suggestions for three songs for the weekend.

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Memoryhouse - Bonfire
"Amazing song, amazing band, amazing video, amazing memories... brings me back to my house in Sweden on a cold spring day. The way I would spend most of my fridays if I could." 

King Krule - Portrait in Black and Blue 
"Former known as Zoo Kid (not to be mistaken for Kidd), now it's King Krule. My Hannibal has placed this on my ipod... I'm falling more and more in love with his voice. Proper schooler of the Brit school." 

Fleetwood Mac - Family Man
"A little tribute to my dear father, who loves Fleetwood Mac... and just build me a new kitchen. The album of this song is Tango in the Night, not the best album of Fleetwood Mac, that would by far be Dreams."

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