June 17, 2013


We are really excited to have a Q&A with the danish jewelry-duo Line&Jo, telling us about their philosophy, favorite pieces and a new line of fine jewellery coming up...

Line (left) and Jo (right)

-How did your venture into the jewellery business start?
Line: I started as an apprentice at Vagn Drachmann [Copenhagen-based goldsmith and jeweller] and subsequently opened my own jewellery store. I then went on to co-found the jewellery brand Arena Copenhagen, and after a number of years there, where I worked together with Jo, she and I decided to start our own company.
Jo: Line and I went to school together. I started an apprenticeship at the jeweller Marlene Juul Jørgensen’s brand Figaro’s Bryllup [Figaro’s Wedding, -ed] and afterwards opened my own store in central Copenhagen. I worked with Line at Arena Copenhagen, and together we founded Line & Jo in 2007.

-Did you have a philosophy from start that you still stick to?
Line: That we wanted to change the way in which fine jewellery is interpreted and worn, by mixing the classic with contemporary and the raw with the feminine to create a new, more playful interpretation. 
Jo: And to always use high-quality materials, too.

-How has your design process developed over time? And do you have designs that you started out with that is still in the collection?
Jo: Our design process hasn't really changed over time.  We still have designs that stem from the early days. One of such is a heart pendant that is the result of merging two hearts created by Line and I separately.

-What do you think sets you apart from other jewellery brands?
Line: Line & Jo is defined by respect for craftsmanship and the goldsmith tradition, innovative design and the use of genuine materials. Each collection reflects a careful combination of classic, fine jewellery and a modern design aesthetic, drawing inspiration from modern art, architecture and pop culture as well as from classical and contemporary expressions of female beauty and sensuality. 

A selection of Line&Jo jewelry

-You have silver, gold and diamond lines at the moment. Can we expect more lines or sub-lines in the near future?
Jo: Line & Jo jewellery can be divided into two lines: Classic and Fragments. Classic comprises classical, industrial, ornamental and antique inspired motifs that are crafted from sterling silver, ruthenium-plated sterling silver, 14kt gold, white gold and precious gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires. Fragments is a line that comprises ruthenium-plated sterling silver or 14kt gold earhoops and necklaces on which small, decorative charms inspired by elements of the urban landscape and classic motifs of love, luck and faith can be hung. 
Line: We are working on a new line of fine jewellery that will launch in 2014.

-You both design for Line&Jo - Do you always agree on the designs?
Jo: One of our strengths as a design team is the ability to bring different ideas to the table, and also to support each other when creating new styles.
Line: We have a collective design process, where we each bring ideas and designs to the table. I often add the more feminine, and Jo the more raw and edgy.

-Finally, what are your favorite pieces from the S/S13 collection and why?
Line: Miss Edele, a matte 14k gold earring set with 0.06ct brilliant-cut diamonds and inspired by lances and spears. I love the combination of the punk and the classical.
Jo: Miss Rubena, a ring inspired by late 19th century colonial style and crafted from matte sterling silver plated with black ruthenium. I love its oversize, asymmetrical aesthetic. It really represents Line & Jo; it’s feminine and surprising at the same time.

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